Monday, July 16, 2007

Bad Kitty!

Boy, oh boy, what a day. This is Jake the ginger kitten here. Momma tooks me to my own doctor for the first time. My doctor has a monster living in his waiting room. I was sitting all innocent and sweet in my PTU waiting for my Momma to fill out the paperwork and it happened. I was attacked! This white and tabby big cat-like monster came up to MY mobile room. She sniffed me a lot. I went up to her and rubbed noses with her through the window. All of a sudden this hellcat started hissing at me. I've heard that sound before, so I hit the floor showing her my belly. She tried hitting me through my saferoom. Thats when my Momma told that girl to move away from me, or else.

Why would my doctor keep a mean old girl like that in his waitingroom? Momma says her name is Siren. I told Momma there should be a siren warning little kittys like me about the beasty beast. I'm really ok now. But a hissy girl like that is very unexpected. Momma and I both thought she would be a lovely girl, since she's the hostess kitty of the place. I'm secretly hoping that a woofie comes in today and puts in her place. I would like to be a fly on the wall for that one. He he he, I like the idea of seeing her hairs all sticking up and trying to excape by climbing up the curtain.

MY vet doctor says I'm a very healthy boy. He had to stick me several times and put yucky medicines in my mouth, but I was a very brave boy. (Mom here: The vet says he's very mouthy. He asked me if he's very active and boy is he ever. He zooms around here and Sophie the other kitten can't keep up.)

So if anyone wants to go to Acacia Pet Clinic in San Jose, CA, watch out for Siren the Hissing Bogeykitty. Stay inside your PTU's and stand up for yourself if she dares to hiss at You.

As you can see, I need to rest and recover. Hope you all get some good snoozing in today. Thanks Ty for letting me use your blog. Your friend Jake (the cute one)