Monday, September 10, 2007

Thank you Miss Peach

Quite a while back the lovely Miss Peach honored me with the above award. I have been wanting to claim it, but you know who wouldn't let me online. Before I go this morning, I told Mommy to let me post it or else.

Isn't it a pretty award? I am very honored. Miss Peach is my role model when it comes to being nice. The fact that she honored me with this award, means a lot to me because she knows so much about being nice. Thank you Miss Peach! I'm sorry it took so long for me to acknowledge your honor.

I hope everyone has a very magnificent Monday! I'm going to go snuggle up for my morning nap while mommy runs around and gets ready for work.

Editor's note: I forgot to find kitties to give the award to! How unnice is that? I'd like to give it to KC for being so good to Dinah and her Mites. Also I'd like to give this award to Chairman Mao because he's always has a sweet word for other kitties everywhere every time.

Adan's Gift to Me!

This morning my mom let me visit the blogs of some of my friends who I haven't been able to visit in a while because mom has been hogging the computer for her work. Well, can you believe the surprise when I visited Adan and his mommy, Michico, I saw this beautiful watercolor painting of me and my kitty family? Isn't the most beautiful painting? Michico painted this of me and my siblings in celebration of his TENTH birthday. Happy birthday Adan. I tried to find the exact date of your birthday by going back and looking through past posts, but I couldn't find the date. I will have to look again when I have more time. My mom is telling me that it's time for her to take over the computer again. Darn!

Thank you Adan and Michico! I really love my painting.