Saturday, December 29, 2007

Good News

I have great news to report. My sister Cookie isn't freaking out as much when Jake comes near Mom. Mom has even stopped using the Felliway. Now Cookie allows the kittens to lay near Mom, without growling and hissing. Mom is elated to be able to cuddle with the kittens more. Even Sophie, who has been afraid to be petted, is seeking Mom out for extra loving. She still evades the pats on the top of her head, but she allows mom to caress her body for a little bit of time. This is very good news. Keep up the good work Cookie!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hi, my name is Kali

Hi my name is Kali. At eighteen, I'm mom's oldest living cat. She loves me the most. Don't tell the others, but I'm the only one she truly loves. The others are here to...actually I don't know why they're here. It must be some sort of error. It will be cleared up one of these days.

I was here years before that little boy Tyler came along. I"m the true top cat here. Tyler tries to get me off of my mom's lap in the evenings and I have to whap him very hard to let him know that I still rule. One would think that over all this time the boy would learn, but no, I'm afraid he isn't very bright.

I like food, I mean REAL food. I like the food off of mom's plate. And since mom often eats in front of the tv, not at the dining room table, like a dignified person, I jump right up in her face no matter what she's eating. She compalains loudly but I don't care. I talk back and then settle down on the arm of the armchair and wait until she puts her plate onto the floor, because then it's MINE, all mine.

It's been nice, but I'm overdue for my nap. Until lunchtime,
Peace, love and purrs,

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmouse!

Mommy is packing up right now to go visit my cousins. This is my cousin TYLER with his cat Chris. Can you believe we share the same name? I'm older, so I had the name first! Tyler got the idea of putting the Christmas sweater on Chris after mom showed him some of the Halloween pictures of you all online. Chris is the most mellow of cats. He actually doesn't mind the clothes or being held.

We all hope your Christmas is filled with love and playtime!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Who could have done this?

"Who has learned how to make this bag of Pounce treats a self-serve item on the menu?" asked Mom.

"I think it was Sandy Paws," chirped Tyler.

"He, he, he or maybe I should say ho, ho, ho." chuckled Jake.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our Fourth, Fifth and Last Secret Paws

Our last Secret Paw arrived. It was for two of us, Kali, at 18 the oldest and for Sophie who stil hasn't had her first furday. It was from Lucinda and Ceasar. Cookie recognized Ceasar's name right away because he was the one she sent a Secret Paw package to last week. Does anyone know if these cats have a blog? Their name is listed together with Maximus on DMK's Secret Paw's blog, but we don't go anywhere when we click on their name.

"These presents are for Kali and me? Wow, look at the Fancy Feast, Mom!

"Thank you Lucinda. I've never tasted dried beef before and I love my new Cat Dancer!
"Hello there, Cat Dancer. Are you going to dance for me?"

"Kali, you're secret paw Ceasar got you hairball prevention goop that you love," shouted Mom.
"Moooooom, I'm sleeping!" complained Kali.
"Ok, Old Lady, hopefully won't be offended that you didn't get up to see his presents for you. Let me just tell you that he also gave you your FAVORITE stinky goodness, Fancy Feast."
"Mom, please explain to Ceasar that I only get up a couple of times a day. I will LOVE to gooble down some Fancy Feast and a little bit of goo, but just later on..."
"Ok, I know your old bones need to rest, I'm sure Ceasar will understand. May I take a picture of you sleeping?"
"Do you want me to yak in your shoes?"
"Ahhhh, you're still my spunky tortie, how sweet!" whispered Mom.
"Merry Christmas everyone!"

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cookie's Secret Paws

"Cookie, it's your turn look! A beautiful present from China Cat!" called Mom.

"Cookie, get out of bed and look at all this great loot," insisted Tyler, Jake and Sophie.

"Cookie, seriously, you can't see all the awesome presents you got from China Cat! Get your furry butt out of bed!" prodded Mom. "Mom, get that flashy box outta my eyes. That new box makes me see stars instead of my presents. I'm serious Mom, all you get is the back of my head until you get rid of that thing."

"You won't even turn around for some delicious fish flakes that China Cat sent you?" asked Mom.
"Fish flakes?!? Ohhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh, I LOVE fish flakes! Thank you China Cat! Mommy, China was so generous.. She gave me so many presents, like a Christmas catnip wand toy, another wand toy with tops you can change, Christmas colored mice, a furry cute girlie mouse, a catnip birdie that squeaks and cheaps when you shake her and a sparkly ball and I think my baby sis, Sophie grabbed something else and ran before I could even see what it was ! And look for you a cute cat calendar, Kleenex for your purse with a kitten wearing a santa's hat and sticky roller to get Ty's furs off of you."

"Wow Cookie, you and I have some serious playtime ahead of us. Everyone has been so generous with the Secret Paws gifts we've received. Thank you one and all. I can't believe there are still two more of you to go."

Thank you China cat, now that it's morning Cookie is all over her gifts. I am very grateful for my gifts too.
Pounces and purrs,
Cookie and her mom

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Secret Paw Pics

Mom, this box smells so good! Are you sure Tara isn't in there somewhere?

Jake: "Look Ty, you got a cool toy over here."
"Wow, all this is for me?" pondered Tyler.
"And me?" asked Jake.
"Sure Jake, but you have to ask me before he get into the Temptations. I know you, and you could gobble down a whole bag all by yourself."

"Tyler, don't forget about us! We wanna play too!" "Okay Sisters, you can play. Just remember me when your Secret Paws arrive, ok?" "Sure, we'll share, right Sophie?" winked Cookie. "Oh, I'll share. I always share," said Sophie.

"IT"S MY TURN! LOOK EVERYCAT! And I'm not nice like Tyler, I'm NOT sharing anything. It's mine all mine."declared Jake.
"JAKE!" warned Mom.
"Ok, Mom, I'll share. You can have the snowflake ornament."
"Jake..." continued Mom.
"Oh, all right, you guys can play with my toys and my nip. Is that better, Mom?"
"Yes, My Sweet Orange-Haired Pumkin, you need to share."

"Look at this ball."

"Fev-vers! Thank you Katnippia Girls!"

My Secret Paws Arrived!

Jake here: My Paws came yesterday in the mail! It came all the way from FLORIDA! Can you believe that?!? I got it from some really cool cats at Katnippia. There are SEVEN of them that all live together with two woofies too. Can you believe it? I would just LOVE to have all those family members to pounce on. Wait til mommy finds her picture cable thingy. (I think might have played with it and left There were a squillion small blue toys. Cuz that's my favorite color. And there was a blue baby blanket which Sophie slept on last night. There was catnip and Temptations!!!! Mommy won't let me open mine, until we finish Tyler's bag from Princess Tara. There was even a present for my mommy! She loves the pretty snowflake ornament. It's very unique and beautiful. Thank you SO Much! Okay, I've got to go help mom find that cable so we can share pics of both of our Secret Paws.

We Have a Winner!!

Debra, from Manx Mnews won the Tuxie slippers. After we went and saw Boo and Abby, well we're happy to send them another pair of Tuxedo friends. And although these might compete for their mom's feet, hopefully they'll leave the food bowls for the other cats.

Thank you to everyone who participated. It warms my mommie's heart meeting so many new kitties whose families are so very warm and generous. We are honored to be a part of the blog. Besides it's just so much fun!

Congratulations Debra. Mom will try to get those to you very quickly.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thank you Tara, Princess Meezer

Today, was a good day. I received my Secret Paws package from Tara, Princess Meezer. I can't believe that such a beautiful royal girl would be my Secret Paw gift giver. I'll show you pictures this weekend. Mom can't find the right cable to upload the pictures tonight. Almost all my sibs joined me in the fun. I could smell the royal girl's scent on the box. I think maybe her brother Kavan's smells were there too. But my favorite smell was the Temptations! As the kittens were swarming over the toys I pawed the bag of Temptations. Mom understood me right away. She opened up the bag and asked me if I felt like sharing. There's a lot of treats in one of those bags, so I said 'yes.' But I told mom to hide the treats in the closet where Jake can't find them. He already started ripping the bag apart when left alone with it for only a minute. There were play mice and a cool wand toy that Jake adopted. There's an electric toy with this feather thing that moves around on it's own. And you know what? Tara even sent me the batteries to go with the toy. Wasn't that thougtful. Okay, I want to go play with mom and eat some more Temptations, so I gotta run. Thank Princess Tara, The Meezer. You're too cool. Thanks to you and your mom for sending this to me so quickly. I'm really happy that I was the first to receive their gifts.

Will Jake Get a Visit from Santy Paws?

Jake here.

Oh boy, did I have fun last night. I found a new game.
When Mom came home from work I ran ran ran as fast as I could out the door. Oh yeah, and I shouted, "You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerhaired Boy." Mom ran out, just like I wanted her to and tried to chase me down. When she ran left, I ran right. If she ran near the tree, I ran away from the tree. It was SO MUCH FUN. Next she brought out the best treats we have, Kali's Pill Pockets! I NEVER get to eat those things. But I'm too smart for my mom. I sniffed the treat in her fingers as I ran right by. Next she brought out one of my wand toys. Oh what joy, I got to play with the wand toy all by myself, in the jungle, for a LONG time. Mom would try to get me to play near her and I would go up close for a second, but then as soon as she bent over, I ran ran ran. Mom, then told me that she was feeling very ANGRY with me. I couldn't believe my ears, she wasn't having any fun. I slowed down to listen to her feelings and allow her to pet me and then she just grabbed me by the scruff of my neck, pulled me into her arms and brought me inside. I spent the rest of the evening running to the door begging to play again. No such luck! I guess mom wants me to wait until she comes home from work again, and I can wait until then because I'm a good patient poodin.

If I'm not a good kitty, mom explained to me that Santy Paws will only bring me coal. What Mom??? Good poodins don't run outside and make their moms' chase them?? I wasn't being a good kid? But it was so much fun! Santy Paws must understand that a little boy like me likes to be amused. What? I'm suppose to listen to you? At all times?

Mom, um, could you keep this as our little secret? Does Santy Paws have to know about last night?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Our First Secret Paws

Mom mailed 5 Secret Paw gift packages out yesterday. But she forgot to let us put a note or a card inside. So 5 poor cats are going to get a package with toys and treats but no note from us saying, "Hi, Merry Christmas! My name's Tyler and I had so much fun picking out your presents..." At the last minute she scribbled my blog address next to our return address. Still Mom, I think it's rude to not include a tiny note.

Since we had 5 different packages to put together it was interesting to see how different our likes and dislikes our. Some cats love feathers, others not so much, the same went for everything from nip to stinky goodness. So I had to be very careful while buying the gifts. I had to place two orders with the Siamese Rescue Organization because we didn't order enough catnip the first time. We went to our favorite pet store just once to get the food treats.

Jake had a hard time understanding the word no as he dug out our presents from the gift bags. I think mom hurt his feelings. He thinks every toy and every snack is his. Mom had to stop the packing sessions and just play with Jake so that he wouldn't destroy what she was doing. I don't think Daisy the Curly Tailed Cat would be pleased with Jakes manners, because he doesn't have any.

Now that our SP's are in the mail. All us kitties can do is wait for our gifts to come. I wonder which of us will get their gift first? Oh mom, please go check the mailbox right now. Maybe the mailman came while you were in bed snoozing. Mooooooommmmmm! Sheesh, she's gone back to sleep. Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Monday, December 10, 2007

Jake Must Have a Death Wish

Mom here: This morning while grabbing the milk for my coffee, I noticed that Jake had poked his head into the door of the refrigerator. By the next time I turned around, it was shut and I couldn't see my orange-haired boy. So I open it up and he's standing on the bottom shelf looking out at me as if he's meant to be tonight's dinner. He had no idea of the danger he was in.

My dryer door doesn't shut properly. Instead of replacing it, I shut the door with duct tape.(I can't justify buying a new one when this one still works quite well.) Now who do you think I find snoozing in there one afternoon? I now try to tape it closed, but he still can pull it open if he wants to.

Jake is my little daredevil. I just pray that I can continue to protect him from himself.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Project HAM

When we heard about Project HAM, we went over to their website and hit that Paypal button really fast. We told our mom after she got home from work what we had done and she said "Good job kids! I can tell I've raised you right. By any chance are you all responsible for ordering the boxes and bags full of cat toys and treats that continue to arrive daily?"

Tyler: Momma, it's all Cookie's fault. She's the one who was looking over your shoulder and memorized your Paypal password.

Mom: Well I see I need to be more careful around you all. But Kitties, I have another idea of how to help Project HAM. We can auction off those brand new slippers I bought that don't fit me. These slippers are sooooooo cute. They have never been worn except to try them on to find out that they don't fit. My feet swell up sometime and I should have realized that before I bought them. They are a Women's Medium, size 8-9. The best part is that they are microwavable to leave a meowmy's toes nice and toasty in these cold months. Here's the official description:

Product Description
Rejuvenate your feet with heat. Our microwaveable kitty slippers soothe your feet with gentle warmth. Lush black plush, slip-on's rejuvenate with heat therapy. Heat flax seed slipper in the microwave for 30 seconds and soothing moist heat will work on sore tired feet. Instructions To soothe sore feet, heat in your microwave for 30 seconds on a towel. If needed, microwave for another 15 seconds. (Always check temperature to ensure that warmth is safe before use). Do not overheat. Do not exceed one minute.

So anyone interested please leave your bid in the comments section. I'll close the bidding Friday December 14th at 11:59 pm PST. Please leave a blog site or an e-mail name so that I can contact the highest bidder. Once you've paid Sammy and Miles Paypal account, I'll put them in the mail to you. Please click on the above Project Ham link in order to find out more about the cause and to find the Paypal button.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday's Orange Tabby's Hiding Spot from the Witchy B*tchty Brown Tabby, Cookie

My grumpy big sister Cookie doesn't like for me to rest on mom's bed. This is where I hide sometimes from her when I want to be close to mom while she's sleeping. It's really the PTU on the floor at the foot of the bed. In the middle of the night I like to just jump on the bed and let Cookie have her growling fits. Momma always scolds her to be quiet. I like it when she gets in trouble.
Listen you little orange Pipsqueak, I know where you are and I can come get you, I don't care what mom says. I only stop growling when I want to stop, ok? Stay OFF of my bed! This Millie's bed is MINE. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Mom: "Sigh, will you two ever get along?"