Sunday, July 22, 2007

No Blood Test

My mom forgot to tell you all that after waiting to be seen for an hour and thiry minutes, they never stole my blood, yeah!!!
Once we got into the room, the vet's helper told my mommy that the vet who was there that day isn't very good at taking little kitty's blood. She told my mommy that all he does is stress the kitties out, cuz he rushes to get to see other kitties and woofies. Well, momma didn't want me to be wrangled by that guy so we left. Now momma told he I HAVE TO GO BACK tomorrow, on Monday. Before mommy know what was happening the lady gave me the nasal FIP vaccine. Last Mon. my vet and my mommy said that I didn't have to take it because I will only be an indoor kitty. At first my mommy was really mad, because we spent a lot of time just waiting around in the waiting room for no good reason. But now she's happy that the vet's helper would be honest with her. She says that I'm worth all the time in the world if it means that I will be more comfortable while getting my blood stolen. Momma really liked Monday's vet. He knows a lot of stuff and has neat tricks for giving medicine so that us cats don't get upset. That's the only vet she's ever seen at that place. Next time she'll make sure we only sees him. But the very very bad news is that I have to go back tomorrow. I'm going to ask momma if Tyler can come with me to protect me from that vishus Siren.

Mom here: I bought this PTU (what does that stand for, by the way) at Pet-N-Go
I bought the carrier bed and top cover at Cat In The Bed

I absolutely love Linda who handmakes everything at Cat in the Bed. I also have a sofa saver from her. She makes everything quickly. She's in the middle of trying to sell her house and she still got things to me within a couple of weeks. She sent free catnip cat toys that she hand makes with each of my orders. Enought said. I think if you check out her site, you'll see all the different fabrics and beds and quilts that she makes.