Sunday, September 2, 2007

Only My Nose Knows

A Mancat like myself doesn't just chow down each Temptation offered. I insist on sniffing each one out to verify that it is something I would want to eat. One never knows when my mother might try to slip something distasteful down my throat by disguising it as a Temptaion nugget. Knowing her she might try to sneak a brussels sprout into my mouth. So I insist on sniffing out each and every piece of food that goes into me, even if it looks like it might be something yummy. My mommy thinks that I should recognize a Temptation by now as something delicious. According to her all my sisters and brother gobble down their treats without giving the good ol' sniff test. I know for a fact that my sister, Kali, eats up her Cosequin capsules morning and night while it's disguised by just a little pill pocket. Serves her right for being so indiscriminate with what goes into her mouth.