Thursday, August 23, 2007

Can you offer any ideas or suggestions?

I just met a new neighbor who was out on her front lawn wth her brown tabby named Kay. She told me the saddest story. A month ago her cat became paralyzed. She can't use her back legs. She showed me how she can only try to pull her body along with it's front paws and claws. She really couldn't move at all.

The vet was no help. He said she may spontaneously heal. My neighbor doesn't know if she should put her down or not. She said that she doesn't appear to be depressed. Then she told me that Kay is a member of her family.

Has anyone ever heard of this happening before? Know of any resources like maybe a cart or have any advice at all?
Where can I find a prayer list so that I may add Kay's name to it.

I started crying when I saw how disabled the sweetie is. Any help at all would bring much comfort to her mom and dad.

Tyler's mom, Lynn