Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hi, my name is Kali

Hi my name is Kali. At eighteen, I'm mom's oldest living cat. She loves me the most. Don't tell the others, but I'm the only one she truly loves. The others are here to...actually I don't know why they're here. It must be some sort of error. It will be cleared up one of these days.

I was here years before that little boy Tyler came along. I"m the true top cat here. Tyler tries to get me off of my mom's lap in the evenings and I have to whap him very hard to let him know that I still rule. One would think that over all this time the boy would learn, but no, I'm afraid he isn't very bright.

I like food, I mean REAL food. I like the food off of mom's plate. And since mom often eats in front of the tv, not at the dining room table, like a dignified person, I jump right up in her face no matter what she's eating. She compalains loudly but I don't care. I talk back and then settle down on the arm of the armchair and wait until she puts her plate onto the floor, because then it's MINE, all mine.

It's been nice, but I'm overdue for my nap. Until lunchtime,
Peace, love and purrs,