Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm Tattling on Mom!

Mom did something very stupid early Monday morning. She feel asleep while working on her laptop with a glass of ice in the crook of her elbow. She fell asleep, the ice had turned into water and drenched her laptop. Apple says it'll be a LOT of green papers to fix. My mom is extremely clumsy with MacBooks. She's gone through two laptops due to carelessness just last year. This one was bought last March. She decided to have it fixed instead of replacing it like she normally does because it would be a lot more money to replace. She feels so stupid for not taking better care of such an expensive item. She has to write from her yucky computer at work, so no pics until the Mac is back. We're going to write up a list of rules for using our laptop. This is just not convenient for us to teleport to her work during our nap time no less. There won't be time for us to visit our friends blogs. Life is just a mess. Mom says we should be gratefull that it's just a thing we lost use of and not a person who is sick or injured. I think she's just trying to feel less guilty. Which is just how she should feel.