Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Box

Feast your eyes on an exact replica of the object that has upset what little balance of peace that was maintained among us catfolk here at Tyler's Tattles. It's called a Kong Kickaroo. Mom ordered a new Millie bed from the Siamese Rescue Store and though in the kickaroo as an afterthought. Well, today mom opens the box, places the Millie bed on top of her own bed. Two seconds later Cookie jumps into it. (She can still be found curled up there with no sense of remorse for being a bed monopolizer.) Next mom tosses the kikaroo to docile little Sophie. Well, when I politely asked her if I could have a turn she bopped me on the head WITH claws. Next thing I know she's whapping me for merely reminding her that I'm the alpha cat around here and it was an oversight on mom's part not to hand the toy to me first. I did what I do best and tattled to mom that Sophie was stoned on the primo nip that's in that toy and she better act fast before both Jake and I give her a lesson on what happens to little sisters that whap before they think and don't share the new Kickaroo with her brothers.