Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Don't Do Costumes

I thought my mom knew me well enough to not attempt to humiliate me this way, but I was wrong. I explained to her that no amount of "pretty pleases" or Temptations or even pieces of chicken will get me to sit still and allow her to put that thing on me. Not only do I not wear clothes, but I would never tolerate being turned into a PIG. I'm the thin one around here. There isn't anything pig-like about me. My sisters Kali and Cookie are the piggies around here. Mom, didn't even try the costume on them. She was afraid she'd lose a hand. Just Jake and me, but we both ran around the bed like we were on fire. She got the idea that we DO NOT do costumes. Okay mom? You can just buy us prizes for being so cute with your own green things. Um I think we need a couple of more Millie type beds, another Whirly bird, (Jake broke the last one.), lots of those dried fishies, dried chicken, dried turkey and dried beef, and any toys that theyr'e selling at the Siamese place. OK mom? You owe me for just trying to put that pink thing on me.

I will leave the costuming to you, my friends.

I'm so sorry I've been gone for so long. It's you know who's fault. She hasn't been taking pictures and she has been feeling a lot of pressure at work so I didn't even dare ask her to help me with the blogging. As it was, we barely got enough loving. Times are still rough, but I'm trying to get her to lead a more balanced life. I hope to be to all of your blogs soon. I love and miss you all. Sophie is scheduled to go under the knife in the first week of Nov. She'll do wonderfully. I'll nurse her back to health (not literally).

Bye for now,