Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cookie 1, Mom 0

We had a difficult morning at our house. It all started at around 3 am when mom had to get out of bed to use the human litter box. Cookie sleeps on my mom's tummy and she had to be moved which always ticks Cookie off. When mom came back to bed, she had to move Cookie again because she had settled puts her feet when she sleeps. The kittens and I had all the other prime bed spots. So lets just say little Miss Cookie was angry. Later on that morning, Cookie was firmly reestablished at the foot of the bed on mom's side. Mom was already up and about when she ran across Cookie's collar on the bedroom floor. It was still closed tight. She shook it at my sister and kiddingly asked her what the meaning of that was. Cookie narrowed her eyes and said, "I don't wear collars anymore." Well mom grabbed my sister and wrapped her up in a towel burrito. Cookie started growling and even nipped her hand. I came out from the kitchen crying, "Whacha doin' Ma? Why's Cookie so upset? Can't you just let her go."Mom couldn't find the collar so she did let her go. Cookie ran to the living room and jumped on the back of the couch. Mom followed with the found collar. She asked Cookie if she could just please put it on her. You see, my sister used to be a runner. She would dart out the door. She doesn't have a microchip so mom wants her to wear her collar. Cookie just growled and wouldn't stop growling no matter what sweet talk she heard. Finally when mom went to sit down Cookie came and sat kinda near her. Mom was still sweet talking her and placed a whole mess of fish flakes in front of her as a peace offering.

Mom here: I'm at work ready to go home, wondering what the girl may have done as revenge. She does urinate on my dirty clothes basket or my bathroom rug when she's angry. I'm hoping she'll be asleep and I can slip this collar onto her without a fuss. If she protests at all I'm going to put it away until the weekend when we're both well be rested.

Hope you all have had a better morning than we have.