Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hi Friends! I Have Good News!

Without sounding like a braggart, I want to shout out that my mom will be home for a whole week! One week of snuggling afternoon naps, regular stinky goodness delivery morning and evening, efficient litter cleaning, a lap to lounge on, blog writing, a bean to follow from room to room, to give eye kisses and perhaps best of all is the ability to visit our friends blogs on a DAILY basis, ok Mom? DAILY. We've already started to take advantage of her presence. Four of us snoozed on the bed last night when it usually isn't more than two or three. 

Unlike many of you who have dependable beans, my stinky goodness isn't delivered on a regular basis. Ever since we showed our picky s. g. eating  habits of the so called "healthy" food, our goodness delivery has been sporadic at best. If mom is running late in the morn, NO s.g. If Mom just threw out a plate full of uneatable offending s. badness, no s.g. for us. Mom swears it isn't purposeful, she wants to be an organized deliverer of s.g., but swears it "slips her mind" or it pains her to waste more food. So far she's been pretty stubborn about not bringing back the TRUE stinky goodness that she treated us with a few months ago. Yet we are also stubborn in eating just some flavors of the healthy stuff. I don't care if I ate it months ago without complaint. Now that I've been introduced to the delicious cheap stuff, I simply cannot get it off of my mind. The healthy goop is hardly tolerable. 

We are also determined to catch up on posting an award that we were given by a very generous friend.

Mom has even agreed to some picture taking. The camera is home and so are we. Mom even thinks the data reader thingy that is plugged into the USB port is home, though she's not absolutely positive. 

So I hope to be visiting with you very soon.