Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It Already Arrived!

Mom came home and found a white box by our front door. When she looked at the return address she was pleased to see that the hammock had arrived. She brought it in and put it down quietly because in the other hand she had a shopping bag from our favorite store, Pet Club. 
Right away Jake convinced Mom to play chase with the new wand toy with him and Sophie. Jake has so much energy that he's taken up the habit of finding a stack of Mom's important business papers and just tearing them up. He lies on top of the papers and reaches down with his mouth and just rips away, moving his head from side to side, as if he were chewing a mouses head off. Mom figured out the boy is bored. Even though he has several play-it-alone toys, he requires at least two half an hour sessions of play with mom a day.
Fairly soon Cookie came over and went into a sniffing frenzy around the white box. Mom knew that it could be the wonderful smell of the Forty Paws gang, but with Cookies intensity, she thought there must be something else besides a hammock in that box. When mom opened the box, I, Cookie, Jake and Sophie all scrambled a top her to get a wiff. Uh and after reading the note, it was confirmed. Primo organic NIP had been sprinkled throughout the contents of the box. Cookie who doesn't play around where NIP is involved, claimed the soft fleecy fabric for herself. She plopped her entire fat self right on top of the fabric part of the hammock that was on Momma's lap and that was that. She growled at all us other cats who tried to sniff the fabric. We had to content ourselves with nip that was deposited on the PCV tubes. Mom said we have to wait until the weekend for her to assemble the hammock. She needs to rest up before attempting the mechanical thinking that she fears may be involved. This is a very busy week for Mom after work. Friday is her turn to bring in treats for the school staff. She likes people to feel taken care of, so she likes to provide different foods, for different palates.
Besides, Jake has been sleeping on the bed this week with Cookie mysteriously sleeping in other secret spots. So no one will suffer if she waits to assemble the hammock.

Returning to the topic of Jake's hyper nature...he absolutely has a fit when mom tries to put our harness on him, so she ordered a new type of harness. This is a picture of a different kitty in it. We just ordered
it yesterday.

Mom also ordered extra balls for his "Peek-a-Prize" Toy Box, a Panic Mouse and other toys that will hopefully be self-entertaining. She even ordered him new cat DVD's called "Mewvie DVD Collection." She's hoping to create a toy rotation system to keep the guy happily busy. He has become the most affectionate of cats. When mom scratches his back he covers her hand with kisses. 

Does anyone have advice for dealing with a hyper kitten? We're grateful that Mom picked him because he's the type that would drive other people insane and may have been returned to the shelter for his misbehaving ways. As naughty as he is, he's five times as cute, or so my Mom says. He's not going anywhere. Except maybe up a wall.