Monday, December 10, 2007

Jake Must Have a Death Wish

Mom here: This morning while grabbing the milk for my coffee, I noticed that Jake had poked his head into the door of the refrigerator. By the next time I turned around, it was shut and I couldn't see my orange-haired boy. So I open it up and he's standing on the bottom shelf looking out at me as if he's meant to be tonight's dinner. He had no idea of the danger he was in.

My dryer door doesn't shut properly. Instead of replacing it, I shut the door with duct tape.(I can't justify buying a new one when this one still works quite well.) Now who do you think I find snoozing in there one afternoon? I now try to tape it closed, but he still can pull it open if he wants to.

Jake is my little daredevil. I just pray that I can continue to protect him from himself.