Sunday, June 8, 2008

Well, my Kali is showing her fiesty tortie nature. As Mom I'm thinking lets have some last day cuddles. I put her on my bed which she hasn't ben up on for a couple of years. She can't jump up there and Tyler used to bully her when she went into that room. I shut the other cats out except for Sophie becuase she is mellow and loving toward Kali. Well, my old lady would have no part of being up on the bed. I returned her to her cat bed underneath the dining room table.

She got up later on ate more wet food and yacked it up...again. My poor, poor baby.

This morning when she showed interest in walking towards the chair she shares with me, I picked her up and carried her there, where she immediately showed me an interest in the bag of Temptations. I gave her about ten, but stopped for fear that she would just throw them right back up.... It's been about 20 mins. and so far she hasn't.

I'm calling the vet tomorrow to take her in the afternoon and I expect to say goodbye at that time.  I feel a sense of peace at the moment, I just want her to stop suffering.