Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thank you Tara, Princess Meezer

Today, was a good day. I received my Secret Paws package from Tara, Princess Meezer. I can't believe that such a beautiful royal girl would be my Secret Paw gift giver. I'll show you pictures this weekend. Mom can't find the right cable to upload the pictures tonight. Almost all my sibs joined me in the fun. I could smell the royal girl's scent on the box. I think maybe her brother Kavan's smells were there too. But my favorite smell was the Temptations! As the kittens were swarming over the toys I pawed the bag of Temptations. Mom understood me right away. She opened up the bag and asked me if I felt like sharing. There's a lot of treats in one of those bags, so I said 'yes.' But I told mom to hide the treats in the closet where Jake can't find them. He already started ripping the bag apart when left alone with it for only a minute. There were play mice and a cool wand toy that Jake adopted. There's an electric toy with this feather thing that moves around on it's own. And you know what? Tara even sent me the batteries to go with the toy. Wasn't that thougtful. Okay, I want to go play with mom and eat some more Temptations, so I gotta run. Thank Princess Tara, The Meezer. You're too cool. Thanks to you and your mom for sending this to me so quickly. I'm really happy that I was the first to receive their gifts.

Will Jake Get a Visit from Santy Paws?

Jake here.

Oh boy, did I have fun last night. I found a new game.
When Mom came home from work I ran ran ran as fast as I could out the door. Oh yeah, and I shouted, "You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerhaired Boy." Mom ran out, just like I wanted her to and tried to chase me down. When she ran left, I ran right. If she ran near the tree, I ran away from the tree. It was SO MUCH FUN. Next she brought out the best treats we have, Kali's Pill Pockets! I NEVER get to eat those things. But I'm too smart for my mom. I sniffed the treat in her fingers as I ran right by. Next she brought out one of my wand toys. Oh what joy, I got to play with the wand toy all by myself, in the jungle, for a LONG time. Mom would try to get me to play near her and I would go up close for a second, but then as soon as she bent over, I ran ran ran. Mom, then told me that she was feeling very ANGRY with me. I couldn't believe my ears, she wasn't having any fun. I slowed down to listen to her feelings and allow her to pet me and then she just grabbed me by the scruff of my neck, pulled me into her arms and brought me inside. I spent the rest of the evening running to the door begging to play again. No such luck! I guess mom wants me to wait until she comes home from work again, and I can wait until then because I'm a good patient poodin.

If I'm not a good kitty, mom explained to me that Santy Paws will only bring me coal. What Mom??? Good poodins don't run outside and make their moms' chase them?? I wasn't being a good kid? But it was so much fun! Santy Paws must understand that a little boy like me likes to be amused. What? I'm suppose to listen to you? At all times?

Mom, um, could you keep this as our little secret? Does Santy Paws have to know about last night?