Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh Jake!

Last night Mom decided that she wanted to brush Jake. She knew that Temptations bribery just wouldn't be strong enough for that boy. So she pulled out the serious stuff, fish flakes. We wish we had captured a movie of what my brother did. As Mom concentrated on zooming him as quickly as she could. Jake would stick his paw in the can of flakes and out would explode a bunch of flakes onto Mom's tummy and lap.  Jake would pig out on the big gobs of fish as he tried to pull his body away from the zoom groom. Once the large bits of flakes were eaten, Jake would again pull out big gobs of fish. Mom put the lid on so he would carefully eat the tiny pieces of fish that now covered her whole front and lap. Instead Jake ran away and let Sophie and Cookie eat up the smaller bits. He was quite a comical sight pulling a fast one on Mom by eating the big gobs of fish and trying to run away before she could finish brushing him. That boy is very clever.