Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cookie's Secret Paws

"Cookie, it's your turn look! A beautiful present from China Cat!" called Mom.

"Cookie, get out of bed and look at all this great loot," insisted Tyler, Jake and Sophie.

"Cookie, seriously, you can't see all the awesome presents you got from China Cat! Get your furry butt out of bed!" prodded Mom. "Mom, get that flashy box outta my eyes. That new box makes me see stars instead of my presents. I'm serious Mom, all you get is the back of my head until you get rid of that thing."

"You won't even turn around for some delicious fish flakes that China Cat sent you?" asked Mom.
"Fish flakes?!? Ohhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh, I LOVE fish flakes! Thank you China Cat! Mommy, China was so generous.. She gave me so many presents, like a Christmas catnip wand toy, another wand toy with tops you can change, Christmas colored mice, a furry cute girlie mouse, a catnip birdie that squeaks and cheaps when you shake her and a sparkly ball and I think my baby sis, Sophie grabbed something else and ran before I could even see what it was ! And look for you a cute cat calendar, Kleenex for your purse with a kitten wearing a santa's hat and sticky roller to get Ty's furs off of you."

"Wow Cookie, you and I have some serious playtime ahead of us. Everyone has been so generous with the Secret Paws gifts we've received. Thank you one and all. I can't believe there are still two more of you to go."

Thank you China cat, now that it's morning Cookie is all over her gifts. I am very grateful for my gifts too.
Pounces and purrs,
Cookie and her mom