Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Have you heard about Miz Allie Cat's "Swap n' Tails"? This is what she wrote on the Cat Blogosphere: Miz Allie Cat has a new swap starting in Feb. Something like Secret paws, only its not secret and its every month. Meow… Anyways, all you have to do is post a comment on the Swap n’ Tails blog that you want to join up with the gang. then when Miz Allie sends you your paw-tner You send your puurrr friend 1 cat goodie plus 1 goodie for your puurrr-friend’s human mom…Its a fun little exchange… Meow Miz Allie Cat

Seven Weird Things

I've been tagged by Chancy & Ernie's Voice to reveal "7 Weird Things About Me". Chancy is a very new friend of mine. I'm honored that she wants to get to know me better. I found out that she can easily be frightened. Please visit her blog and say 'hi'.

The rules are: Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share seven random weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. Tyler: I am Mommy's "Meant to Be" baby. You see, I'm not the kitty that she picked out at the shelter. Mommy had chosen my brother, but there was a mix-up and the very smart shelter worker put me in the PTU instead of my brother. When Mom got home, she called the shelter and they asked her, "Is there a problem with the cat you did take home?" And she of course said, "No, I guess not." And she KEPT me. I don't blame Mommy for picking my brother by mistake. We looked a lot a like. He was just a little bit more mellow than I was. He was just as cute as me, so I know that he found his real forever home too.

2. Cookie: I don't like Temptations. The only treat I like is fish flakes.

3. Jake: I have a super-dooper nose. I can find treats almost anywhere they're hidden. I will jump up to very high places.Mom puts the treats in four sets of ziplock freezer bags. I can tear open each of the bags and also open the bag of Temptations. I always share the open bag with my other siblings who like them.

4. Tyler: I also have a good sense of smell. I use mine to seek out bad smells. If any kitty yackes or leaves another type of accident I immediatly try to cover up the offensive odor with anything nearby. One of the worst smells is coffee. Mommy actually yells at me when I whap her coffee cup over trying to cover up the offensive stink. She guards her morning mugs very close to her every morning.

5. Jake: I love to tear up paper. I love killing rolls of paper towels. I wrap my whole body around the roll, give it bunny kicks and rip it to shreds. No roll of towels is safe in this house.

6. Kali: I only stay in the family room now that I'm an old geezer lady. I will walk to the kitchen to eat and drink, but that's it. Mom had to give me a litterbox in my domain because I stopped using the other ones. (Now all those young cats, use MY box instead of the four other boxes out there.) I'm the only cat that doesn't sleep on mom's bed. It's been years since I've been able to jump on the bed. Mom doesn't buy me the stairs that they have now because the bedroom is just too far away. It's okay because there are just too many cats up there for me to be happy being there anyway. I like a lot of space. Opps, did I just tell you two weird facts about me? Oh well, at 18, I'm allowed to do whatever the heck I want.

7. Cookie: I'm the only cat that sleeps on Mom's tummy. Tyler used to try it, but he's too heavy and mom can't breath well. But I'm a very light and dainty girl so I get to stay. When I'm on her tummy, Mommy talks to me about her day.

We're not going to tag anyone because We've read that most kitties have already responded to this meme. If you'd like to do it, then please help yourself. Please let us know if you do chose to use it. We want to read what's different about you.

Everykitty and every bean have a wonderfully bright day today.
Peace, love and purrs,
Tyler and family