Sunday, March 16, 2008

Don't Tell Jake, but He's Getting a Hammock

Jake: Mom, why did Maw say that I had to watch out for the guy in blue shorts on Monday or Tuesday?
Mom: Oh, there might be a secret something coming your way.
Jake: I like it when the blue short guy rings the doorbell because then I get a chance to run, run, run. 
Mom: Uh Jake, I'm going to be at work when your blue shorts guy comes. Nobody's going to be answering the door. 
Jake: Drat.
Mom: Have you forgotten that you're getting something special from the Forty Paws?
Jake:Can I have a hint?
Mom: It's something that all of your sisters and brother cats have been admiring.
Jake: And it's just for me?
Mom: I got it with you in mind, but I imagine you'll be sharing it.
Jake: I like to share!
Mom: We'll see if Cookie feels like sharing it wth you.
Jake: Mom, last night she growled at me and wouldn't let come into the sleep room with everyone else. 
Mom: I know, Sweetie. She can be such a tyrant that girl. But you do sort of stalk her during the day, and get on her nerves.
Jake: I like to see how close I can get before she hisses at me.
Mom: Oh Jake.