Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Can you see my tosies?

Somebeany attempted to interrupt my bath time to take pictures of my toes. She said that she wanted to profile my paws for Tuesday Toes. That means I get to be on my favorite big brother's blog for the day. I LOVE my brother Tyler with all my kittyheart and kittysoul. To be featured on his blog where who knows how many people can see me, well let's just say I'm honored. Maybe it'll be the beginning of a modeling career. I don't want to wear fashions like some other cats enjoy. I just want to show off my luscious multicolored soft as a purr pad fur. My mom brushes my long beautiful hair daily. Well, enough of that. I have washing to do before I can build my perfect portfolio. I hope all of you are enjoying your Tuesday staying on the top of your toes.