Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our Fourth, Fifth and Last Secret Paws

Our last Secret Paw arrived. It was for two of us, Kali, at 18 the oldest and for Sophie who stil hasn't had her first furday. It was from Lucinda and Ceasar. Cookie recognized Ceasar's name right away because he was the one she sent a Secret Paw package to last week. Does anyone know if these cats have a blog? Their name is listed together with Maximus on DMK's Secret Paw's blog, but we don't go anywhere when we click on their name.

"These presents are for Kali and me? Wow, look at the Fancy Feast, Mom!

"Thank you Lucinda. I've never tasted dried beef before and I love my new Cat Dancer!
"Hello there, Cat Dancer. Are you going to dance for me?"

"Kali, you're secret paw Ceasar got you hairball prevention goop that you love," shouted Mom.
"Moooooom, I'm sleeping!" complained Kali.
"Ok, Old Lady, hopefully won't be offended that you didn't get up to see his presents for you. Let me just tell you that he also gave you your FAVORITE stinky goodness, Fancy Feast."
"Mom, please explain to Ceasar that I only get up a couple of times a day. I will LOVE to gooble down some Fancy Feast and a little bit of goo, but just later on..."
"Ok, I know your old bones need to rest, I'm sure Ceasar will understand. May I take a picture of you sleeping?"
"Do you want me to yak in your shoes?"
"Ahhhh, you're still my spunky tortie, how sweet!" whispered Mom.
"Merry Christmas everyone!"