Monday, June 16, 2008

Mancat Monday

Tyler: "Mom, can we get past being mopey and sad and just admire how my dark panther furs showed up so silky and shiny in this photo?"

Mom: "Sure, I think I've cried enough tears.  I'm going to miss that old lady, that's for sure." 

Tyler: "She sure was a hissy cat. Do you think she's still hissing at everybody over the Bridge?"

Mom: "I'm afraid I wouldn't recognize Kali without her hiss. Maybe it's how she's saying hello.
'Hisss, my name is Kali. Excuse me and please don't mind my bad manners, but I've always hissed to introduce myself and I don't want to stop now."

Tyler: "Mom, you're dreamin'. I can't ever hear her say 'excuse me' or 'please'. "

Mom: "Well, it is the Bridge after all. She has to be making friends. You never know how being out of pain has changed her mood. And what's wrong with a mother dreaming?"

Tyler: "Okay Mom. Have it your way. Just don't forget to give me some loving too."

Mom: "Like, 'Wow Tyler, you're furs are looking really silky and shiny."

Tyler: "Yep, just like that."