Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Really Angry with Mom

I've been reeducating mom today. She came home from work and lied down for a short nap. I stayed away until I finally heard her calling for me.  I stayed away a little while longer. When I felt as if I'd punished her enough I finally jumped on the bed but instead of curling up in a ball near her head, I turned around and gave her my butt to stare at. At first she was very confused, she asked me if I was feeling sick. "Yeah, I'm feeling sick alright," I thought to myself. "Sick of not getting my proper greeting when she comes home. And sick of her immediately starting to PLAY with the kittens instead of calling out to me as she used to do when she first came through the door." Finally, she realized the errors of her ways and she fussed over me for a good half an hour. She told me she knew that I was alpha kitty and that I should be the first one to get her attention. Later on when she got out the Greenies, she told all the other cats that I was to get mine first. I purred and made lovey eyes at her for that. Her reeducation was complete for the day. I hope she remembers her lesson well, so I don't need to repeat it anytime soon. Sheesh, sometimes I just don't understand that woman.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Raining Like Cats and Dogs

There has been nothing but rain here for quite a while now. Mom's feeling a bit down. When mom doesn't get enough sun she gets depressed. I don't know why. She has us to cheer her up. What else would a woman possibly need to keep her happy?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fishy Friday

Last month mom took this awful picture of something quite special. It's a photo of the only Great White Shark in captivity (at the time).. The shark is on the right and a dolphin-fish is on the left. Mom took her class to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This is their third Great White that they've kept. It was released earlier this month. Mom asked one of the aquarium staff members why the sea turtles weren't in the tank. The expert told mom that they like to have their backs scratched so they swim in front of the sharks then slow down so that the sharks run into them. They were doing it on purpose! Their games were stressing out the fish so the staff took them out of the aquarium to give the others a break. 

Here is a beautiful picture of the same shark.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Our first Swap 'n Tails package arrived! It came from sweet Miz Allie herself. This month's theme was red. Mom's sorry she didn't grab the camera. But as you can imagine, there were several red cat toys that Jake has already taken and hidden. The early cat gets the kibble around here. He stood over the package as Mom opened it. The lady of the house also received some gifts. A box of chocolates and a heart shaped foam picture frame that has a magnet on the back. Perfect for my picture. I look good in red.

We also received a package of goodies that mom ordered. There were some cat toys that were hand crocheted (spelling?). Many of the toys were infused with honeysuckle scent because the website claimed that the cats go wild for it. Unfortunately, there were catnip items in the same package, so everything came out smelling of nip. We did go wild over the packages Mom opened, but we think it was the nip  smell not the honeysuckle.  There was even a nip spray that Mom sprayed onto one of the crocheted balls and I spent the afternoon in nip heaven with that piece of yarn. 
We wish everykitty a wonderful Wednesday. Mom's headed out of town for the day. So much for a weeks worth of  "us" time. Oh well, she's going to try to make it back very early on Thursday. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Tabby Tuesday!

Mom said that I could have my picture put on Tyler's blog today because I'm a tabby and he's not. The poor guy doesn't even get his own day of the week because none of the days start with "b" for black or even "p" for panther.
The only bad thing is that I'm not the only tabby. But my tabby sister has only been looking at the camera with murderous eyes because she doesn't like the flashy thing. And my big sister, Cookie is really good at looking mean. She hisses and growls at me daily. Of course that just makes me want to be even closer to her. I long for the day that she stops growling and actually welcomes me with a headbutt or even a nose smooch. Sometimes when she's asleep, I come up to her and sniff her furs. Then she usually wakes up and hisses me away again. She's a very good hisser. She could probably teach a thing or two to a snake.

Look what I got! Thank you Cat Realm for this honor. You are too kind to me. It was easy to help you in such a small way. This award was created by Ruis, Carl's life partner. That's a picture of his REAL PAW. I'm going think about who I want to pass this on to. There are so many deserving kitties.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hi Friends! I Have Good News!

Without sounding like a braggart, I want to shout out that my mom will be home for a whole week! One week of snuggling afternoon naps, regular stinky goodness delivery morning and evening, efficient litter cleaning, a lap to lounge on, blog writing, a bean to follow from room to room, to give eye kisses and perhaps best of all is the ability to visit our friends blogs on a DAILY basis, ok Mom? DAILY. We've already started to take advantage of her presence. Four of us snoozed on the bed last night when it usually isn't more than two or three. 

Unlike many of you who have dependable beans, my stinky goodness isn't delivered on a regular basis. Ever since we showed our picky s. g. eating  habits of the so called "healthy" food, our goodness delivery has been sporadic at best. If mom is running late in the morn, NO s.g. If Mom just threw out a plate full of uneatable offending s. badness, no s.g. for us. Mom swears it isn't purposeful, she wants to be an organized deliverer of s.g., but swears it "slips her mind" or it pains her to waste more food. So far she's been pretty stubborn about not bringing back the TRUE stinky goodness that she treated us with a few months ago. Yet we are also stubborn in eating just some flavors of the healthy stuff. I don't care if I ate it months ago without complaint. Now that I've been introduced to the delicious cheap stuff, I simply cannot get it off of my mind. The healthy goop is hardly tolerable. 

We are also determined to catch up on posting an award that we were given by a very generous friend.

Mom has even agreed to some picture taking. The camera is home and so are we. Mom even thinks the data reader thingy that is plugged into the USB port is home, though she's not absolutely positive. 

So I hope to be visiting with you very soon. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm Tattling on Mom!

Mom did something very stupid early Monday morning. She feel asleep while working on her laptop with a glass of ice in the crook of her elbow. She fell asleep, the ice had turned into water and drenched her laptop. Apple says it'll be a LOT of green papers to fix. My mom is extremely clumsy with MacBooks. She's gone through two laptops due to carelessness just last year. This one was bought last March. She decided to have it fixed instead of replacing it like she normally does because it would be a lot more money to replace. She feels so stupid for not taking better care of such an expensive item. She has to write from her yucky computer at work, so no pics until the Mac is back. We're going to write up a list of rules for using our laptop. This is just not convenient for us to teleport to her work during our nap time no less. There won't be time for us to visit our friends blogs. Life is just a mess. Mom says we should be gratefull that it's just a thing we lost use of and not a person who is sick or injured. I think she's just trying to feel less guilty. Which is just how she should feel.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cookie Is a Crook!

Cookie stole our prize package from the cats who won it. Mom mistakenly took it out of the bag in which Siamese Rescue mailed it to us. She placed the penguin Millie bed and the purr pad on the big bean bed thinking it wouldn't be such a sin for us to test the bed out while she figured out how exactly she was going to get the thing back in the mail. Two minutes later Cookie crawled right in and stayed there for three days straight. I think she may have gotten out to eat, drink and use the litterroom, but we never saw her out of it. Now sometimes Cookie lets somekitty else lie in her bed.

Mom had to write to Artsy Catsy the winners of our contest and ask if they would be willing to pick another Millie bed from the Rescue Center. They were such gracious kitties they did pick out a new bed and we also sent them a new purr pad. Mom was relieved because she's a trusting soul, she didn't realize she was being duped by Cookie. Mom says she was grateful to be able to send the gift to the winners from the merchant and not have to figure out how to wrap the huge thing herself. Yep, she's lazy. Lazy to the core.

Mom left both of her cameras at work AGAIN! I wanted her to take a picture of Cookie in her stolen merchandise to prove my point. Maybe we'll post it tomorrow.

We hope everyone is having a restful Sunday, if you have any Sunday left by the time you read this.

I think I might just go see if that penguin Millie bed is open. We have three Millies now, but there is something special about the Penguin one.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

We're in Love!

None of us kitties nor our Mom knows how to create beautiful graphics for our new Valentine friends. So we searched the net for some pictures that we could borrow to show our new Valentines how we feel.

Sophie speaking:

Castor, this mousie is for you and your brother if you would like to share it with him. You can run all over the place after this little guy. He knows what he\'s in for. He swears he can outrun any ol\' meezer! Enjoy! Loves, Sophie

MySpace Comments - Valentines Day
MySpace Layouts - Valentines Day
Free Comments & Graphics

Oh Dearest Abby,
This is for you!

I want you to know that I like quite girls. It's more conducive to cuddling in front of the fire on a cold afternoon. I don't mind if you boss me around like you boss your brothers. I'm used to taking orders. Any command from you would be like a bid of loving sweet nectar. For your royal wish is my deepest desire to fill. I want to make you happy, Sweet Abigail. May I take you out to a kitty cafe I know of? (It's really just my kitchen, cuz I'm not allowed outside). I'll feed you from a silver spoon delicious turkey pate. Later you and Reggie, Cookie and I can play a game of Scrabble, Monopoly or Spin the Pounce Jar.
Until we meet again, Tyler

Hi Reggie! How is your weekend going? I found this picture for you My Tabby Mancat,

Please just imagine my picture instead of the white girl you see inside the 'puter. That's how I imagine you dreaming of me throughout the day. For like your sister, I am the Queen of my domain. Unfortunately, only the master bedroom is mine, but I'm starting small and will one day branch out. Come over, I beg you, and worship me from close up. I hear you're a good brother to my new friend Abby. And she taught you well how to enforce her word? I might be able to use some of my talents around here. Especially with this orange annoying kitten who claims he lives here. Maybe you could get rid of him for me? Or at least make him cower in the corner of the dining room, far away from where I roam? Reggie, I think Tyler wants to invite you to come over some silly board games or something. Lets not and we'll spend the time better spent on the bed where you can chase all the other cats away for me. I'm going to love having you around. Maybe Abby can train another brother to be her enforcer. I'm going to need you at me beck and call. Mua, Mua ::Cookie kisses the air like the celebrities she sees on Entertainment Tonight::Come over soon Reg, ok! That's a demand not a request, by the way.

Jake says:
My Precious, Oh Precious, you're name is so wonderfully right for you. Here is my valentine picture for you:

I'm hoping that you and I can go somewhere to get away from the craziness at my house. I love sneaking out when my mom comes home from work. I'll teleport over to your place and take you wherever you want to go. Then maybe we can play in a field. Do you like to chase mice? I love to play with the fake ones so I'm imagine the fun of finding real ones and tracking them down. I just realized it was your family that sent me the wonderful Secret Paw's package. I still have all my blue toys and my blue blankie. I can bring the blankie with me and let you borrow it to keep you warm in the winter months while I'm not there to snuggle with you. Romantically yours, Jake the Rake

PS. Does anyone know how to change the text colors? When I tried to look up the info on the Help Blog I couldn't find anything. Please let me know, I would like to learn how to change the color of my letters. Ty