Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Our First Secret Paws

Mom mailed 5 Secret Paw gift packages out yesterday. But she forgot to let us put a note or a card inside. So 5 poor cats are going to get a package with toys and treats but no note from us saying, "Hi, Merry Christmas! My name's Tyler and I had so much fun picking out your presents..." At the last minute she scribbled my blog address next to our return address. Still Mom, I think it's rude to not include a tiny note.

Since we had 5 different packages to put together it was interesting to see how different our likes and dislikes our. Some cats love feathers, others not so much, the same went for everything from nip to stinky goodness. So I had to be very careful while buying the gifts. I had to place two orders with the Siamese Rescue Organization because we didn't order enough catnip the first time. We went to our favorite pet store just once to get the food treats.

Jake had a hard time understanding the word no as he dug out our presents from the gift bags. I think mom hurt his feelings. He thinks every toy and every snack is his. Mom had to stop the packing sessions and just play with Jake so that he wouldn't destroy what she was doing. I don't think Daisy the Curly Tailed Cat would be pleased with Jakes manners, because he doesn't have any.

Now that our SP's are in the mail. All us kitties can do is wait for our gifts to come. I wonder which of us will get their gift first? Oh mom, please go check the mailbox right now. Maybe the mailman came while you were in bed snoozing. Mooooooommmmmm! Sheesh, she's gone back to sleep. Have a great Wednesday everyone!