Sunday, October 25, 2009

Does mom remember how to do this?

Boy have we missed all of our cat blogger friends. We've been lurking around a bit to check on the kitties everywhere. Mom and all of us are devestated to read about how many of our friends have recently crossed the Bridge. Of course the loss of our sister Kali, is still an unhealed wound that we thought was actually over and done with. But mom has burst into a waterfall missing her and thinking about all the other moms and dads out there having to deal with their pet's loss. Does the pain ever go away?

By the way, we are fine. I'm still the alpha cat though Jake wants to challenge me for it. Sophie is still my little groupie. She wants to curl up next to me all the time. Sometimes I just have to get away from her. Cookie is still the grumpy one and I can be naughty and chase her away from mom.

Mom is working at a new school. She teaches first and second grade now. She spends too much of her time there. She's been home with the flu for the past three days so that may convince her to take better care of herself.
Hugs and purrs to everyone! I'm really going to try to join in again. We miss you all, we really do.