Thursday, February 26, 2009

So mommy bought us one of those Breeze litter boxes. What a waste of money. Jake is the only one who'll use it and he only uses it to pee. Mom praises him like crazy so sometimes he just goes in there to here her his name said with "...oh what a GOOD boy you ARE..." blah blah, blah. Hey, I walked on the litter and so did Sophie that's stuff is killer on a cat's special toesies. I don't know how you cats in the blogosphere that like that Breeze-thingy stand for the harsh feel of the litter on the feet. So I'm sticking with the traditional litter box filled with my soft clumping litter. Sorry mom. You know that I don't like changes in my routine. You know that I don't care what other moms and dads write about their kitties' experiences with their Breeze boxes. So I think you need to donate the green thing to the other kitties who like it.

Oh Tyler, I haven't given up yet. I've just begun the campaign to convince you all to give it a go. 

Mom, mom, mom, don't you remember you told me my middle name is Stubborn?

Yes, but I didn't tell you we have the same middle name.