Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Tabby Tuesday!

Mom said that I could have my picture put on Tyler's blog today because I'm a tabby and he's not. The poor guy doesn't even get his own day of the week because none of the days start with "b" for black or even "p" for panther.
The only bad thing is that I'm not the only tabby. But my tabby sister has only been looking at the camera with murderous eyes because she doesn't like the flashy thing. And my big sister, Cookie is really good at looking mean. She hisses and growls at me daily. Of course that just makes me want to be even closer to her. I long for the day that she stops growling and actually welcomes me with a headbutt or even a nose smooch. Sometimes when she's asleep, I come up to her and sniff her furs. Then she usually wakes up and hisses me away again. She's a very good hisser. She could probably teach a thing or two to a snake.

Look what I got! Thank you Cat Realm for this honor. You are too kind to me. It was easy to help you in such a small way. This award was created by Ruis, Carl's life partner. That's a picture of his REAL PAW. I'm going think about who I want to pass this on to. There are so many deserving kitties.