Saturday, November 14, 2009

Simple Saturday

Hey everyone! Thanks for the birthday wishes. The mom even forgot it was my birthday. She made it up to me though with some super duper skritches and some flaked tuna too. Of course, I had to share with all my other sibs.

That Jake is such a hog. He sticks his paw right into the jar of flaked tuna and showers the bed with a gazillion tiny pieces. He only eats the big chunks before he's after the jar again trying to get his wily little paw in there again. Jake's been joining us for naps on the bed more and more. This morning when mom was working on her laptop she felt a cat cuddle up between her knees. She assumed it was Cookie because the only other cat that rests there is Sophie and she could see her elsewhere in the room. Hours later she looked down surprised to see Jake. He's getting bolder and bolder with his sleeping arrangements. It's good to have him with the rest of us. Cookie still tries to scare Sophie and especially Jake away from mom, but they're learning to ignore her, much to Cookie's consternation.

Mom has been leaving the camera at work where she needs it. She's going to try to remember to bring it home so we can display our handsome faces.