Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Tyler:I hope all the kitties in the blogosphere had awesome Christmice with their families. We've been silently visiting some of your blogs. It looks like so many of you had wonderful holidays. We love each and every one of you. All of my sisters, my brother and I want to wish you a happy and healthy new year.

Sophie: Hi kitties and woofies, goats and rodents too! I learned a new trick. I'm tired of being the meekest little kitty around. So when some kitty annoys me, I give him a bop on the head. At first they were all so surprised to see me voice my opinion that they just gave me whatever I wanted. Today, Jakie, the Tangerine Pest, hit me back. I saw on an episode of Jersey Shore that boys aren't suppose to hit girls. On the tv show the cops came and took the boy away. When I saw that, I just knew that it was the answer to all of my Tangerine Pest problems (I like the way Parker calls Rudy the "Orange Menace", so mommy showed me how to use a thesaurus to come up with my new name for my brother). But when I asked Mommy to call 911 and report Jake.... she refused. She said she would miss him too much and that maybe I could come up with a less drastic solution.

Then of course there's the big sister version of the Tangerine Pest, Cookie, or as I now call her the Drabby Crabby One. After I bop her she now hisses. So I just bop her again for hissing at me. It's all quite a bit of fun.

And then there's Tyler. I NEVER bop Ty. He's the best brother ever. I groom him and kiss him whenever he'll let me. I adore that brother of mine.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that Mommy left the camera at my aunt Beth's house, a two hour drive from here. It'll be a bit of time before we can post new pics. Yeah! Mr. Flashy's not coming around here for quite a while!!