Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just jumped on momma's lap and I had to dig my rear claws into her leg because not only was she allowing Kali to sit in her chair but a minute ago she was making sweet googly noises at her. That is not to be tolerated. Next, I stretched out on top of her hands while they were on the keyboard. This is how I tell her to STOP writing. He, he, he now Kali is beating mom's face with her tail. She has an awesome tail action. When ever she's the slight bit annoyed she beats her tail back and forth like a metronome. It actually causes my mom pain as it swipes across her face.

Once again, we've been away forever. Mom took the camera to work again and doesn't have any new pictures for me to share. (Not even of the beautiful new Gizzy quilt.) I did insist on coming on to wish all my blog friends from the USA a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. She has tomorrow off from her tiny people at her work. She's going to spend tomorrow snuggling with us while doing a bit of cooking. Early, early Thursday morning she will drive to the San Joaquin Valley where her father and stepmother live and also her baby sister's family live. Most of her siblings will gather to celebrate. Her brother who lives in Taiwan and her other brother who lives in Monterey, CA won't make it. My uncle Tom, the brother who lives in the same city as Adan does doesn't come home very often at all. Uncle Richard stays home to spend the holiday with his family in Monterey.

I read somewhere that Tuesdays now can be Tattle day and since this is my specialty I have a tattle about my mom's family. Mommy's brother Richard's wife doesn't like my grandpa and my grandpa doesn't like his wife so Uncle Richard just comes on Friday to help keep the peace. My mom thinks it's all quite sad that the her sister-in-law insists on staying away. Grandpa is getting on in his years, it would be wonderful to have more of the family together on such a day. But if this is how it has to be, then mommy will simply enjoy seeing her brother on Friday and spend Thursday enjoying the rest of the family that IS there.

We all here hope that your holiday is just the best that can be! May each kitty in the US get a huge turkey or ham dinner.
Blessings from, Tyler, Kali, Cookie, Jake and Sophie