Saturday, January 23, 2010

9 Lives, I'm Your Cat!

Jake: I so sorry that my mom had to use her lousy camera phone to take such a cute picture of me. The real camera is always in the wrong place she trys to explain to me. I don't care cuz you can still see how cute, cute, cute I am. Right blog friends, aren't I the cutest cat on around this blog. It's okay to say the truth. Tyler's just too old to be cute, Cookie's too grumpy and well Sophie's the most fluffy and beautiful, but not cute at all. I'm the cutest. It's me. Even just watching me, makes me cuter. When I jumped into the box I made my mom giggle. I think it's a combo of my handsome ginger furs along with my huge whisker humps and my mischevious grin that gives me the edge. And look how I thought to chomp down on the box, cute, right? I think I'm headed for stardom. I wonder if that Moris dude cat that my mom told me about is ready to be replaced by a cuter more youthful ginger boy?

C'mon, I'm cuter than him, right people? Mom, I think you better get me an agent.