Monday, June 23, 2008

Water, Water

Jake took a swim in Mom's dirty bath water this morning. She was in the outer portion of the bathroom when she heard a ker-plunk and then she saw this orange figure zoom by her. She took a look and found Jake trying to dry himself with his tongue. She offered to towel him dry, but he wouldn't allow her near him. He kept giving her wounded looks as if she had purposefully tricked him into jumping into a draining tub. She had to go into work today, but he was there to greet her when she got home. His furs had dried out by then. Silly, silly brother. I don't go near the tub. He of course plays hockey in there with his pom poms.

We had a scary thing happen at our house. the hose to the hot water on the washing machine burst open. Mom was standing right there when it happened. She feels extremely lucky to have avoided a flood.  She's hoping she can change the hose all by herself without asking my uncle or a plumber for help. It's times like this that she wishes she lived in an apartment.