Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Package

"Moma, watcha got there?"
"Sophie, it's a package from the Siamese Rescue Organization. It's the place where Kaze, Latte and Chase buy their great presents for the other cats on the blogosphere. "
"Hey, everybody mom's got PRESENTS, YIPEE YIPEE YIPES!"

Cookie desides to take over as official snoop.

"My turn...hmm, ok, wow, pretty cool. Listen guys, nobody get anything until it's cleared through me."

"I found my toy!"

Kittens rush in and Jake grabs a fur ball. "Woo, dis is MINE."

"Hey, I smell something intoxicating, ahhhh.!"

"Anything for me?"

"I know you like tails, you can have this big wool mice,"said Tyler.
"SWEET!" said Cookie.

"Thanks Mom." "Yeah, thanks momma," said the rest.
"Your welcome Sweeties. Let's see if Kali would like a mouse, ok? "
"A small one, ok Mom?" answers Jake.