Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Silly Mommy!

Sophie: Hello blog kitty friends. Tyler said it's ok if I blogged on his blog today. I wanted to tell you how silly crazy my mommy is. She came home yesterday and sat down in front of me on the big bed. She then opened up a baggie of cooked chicken that just didn't excite me and then started hollering my name. At first she was nice and sweet about calling me. She called, "Sophie, Sophina, I have something for you..." but I wasn't impressed with the chicken so I just stared at her. Then she started yelling at me for about 5 minutes straight. I was right behind her, so I started cracking up inside. Silly Mommy. Didn't she see me when she sat down on the bed? I never let on where I was which I guess made her panic because I always come when I'm called. The only thing was, I was already there so I didn't have to come. When she finally turned around and saw me. I smiled sweety at her. At first I told her I wouldn't tell anyone how silly she is, but this morning I decided I had to let the kitties how there know just how wacky my mom can be. Do any of you have parents that crack you up? If so, please tell me what they did. I love a good smile.