Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We're Back for a Visit, at least.

Three cheers for my aunt Ruth, who has lent Mom her work laptop while mom 's is being fixed. 
Auntie is also a teacher who's on vacation this week. Auntie's district distributes laptops to each teacher. Mom wishes her district could afford to do the same. Of course, since Mom has a habit of cracking laptop screens, perhaps it's best that she doesn't have a work laptop. There is finally a little good news regarding mom's computer. When she took it in to get fixed yesterday, one of the Apple employees recommended taking to a third party repair place, which Mom didn't even know existed. After calling them, she was quoted a price a little bit more than half of what Apple wanted for the same job.  Not only that, but the shop promise a 24 hour turn around. Whoo, Hoo! This is VERY good news. The store is a bit far away, but Mom's heading over there as soon as the traffic dies down.          

On to more important topics--US! Mom put together Jake's hammock and he loves it. What Mom? Later? Please forgive my mom's bad manners. She now "claims" that she has to run and take her computer to the repair shop, before the big machines stop up the freeways. Since it's our computer too and Mom says that it means more cuddle time in the long run, we're allowing her to post this without our news. Don't worry, we'll make sure she lets us back on here soon.
Bye, bye! We can't wait to get to your blogs and read them. It's been so hard being away from you all for this long.
Tyler and Sibs