Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year Friends! We're all happy and healthy over here in San Jose, CA. Mom has taken a job at a different school in her same school district, but this place is taking up all of her time. It's sucking the life out of her. Mom says she understands that we miss all of our blog friends. She says maybe we could blog once a week instead of just dropping off cold turkey, like.  We all are doing just fine. Jake continues to be mom's challenging "child". He loves to keep us on our toes. He's either peeing on the bed or chewing up the bag of Temptations. I continue to be the "easy" cat. I get along with all others. Cookie, is still a pain in our backsides. She wants to be an only kitty. But surprisingly the last couple of days she's been accepting of even Jake. Sophie has turned into a very loving girl. She has the habit of curling up into mommy's arm at night. If mom ignores her she reaches out with slightly extended claws and taps mom on the lips. Mom then kisses her paw pads and they continue until Sophie falls asleep.
Have a great New Year everyone!