Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Really Angry with Mom

I've been reeducating mom today. She came home from work and lied down for a short nap. I stayed away until I finally heard her calling for me.  I stayed away a little while longer. When I felt as if I'd punished her enough I finally jumped on the bed but instead of curling up in a ball near her head, I turned around and gave her my butt to stare at. At first she was very confused, she asked me if I was feeling sick. "Yeah, I'm feeling sick alright," I thought to myself. "Sick of not getting my proper greeting when she comes home. And sick of her immediately starting to PLAY with the kittens instead of calling out to me as she used to do when she first came through the door." Finally, she realized the errors of her ways and she fussed over me for a good half an hour. She told me she knew that I was alpha kitty and that I should be the first one to get her attention. Later on when she got out the Greenies, she told all the other cats that I was to get mine first. I purred and made lovey eyes at her for that. Her reeducation was complete for the day. I hope she remembers her lesson well, so I don't need to repeat it anytime soon. Sheesh, sometimes I just don't understand that woman.