Sunday, May 25, 2008

We're Back!

Hi friends! We've been away for such a long time. I demanded that my mom take some time to help me write this post. It's without pictures though because mom doesn't know what she did with thing that uploads the photos. 

My brother, sisters and myself need to thank Queen Snickers and Empress for our Swap n Tails package. We were delighted with a huge bag of Pounce treats. Mom has been using them to brib us to sit still for our furs to be Furminated. They also gave us Fancy Feast stinky goodness. It's so tasty that even Cookie is eating it and she NEVER eats the stuff mom buys. There were several yellow pom poms that Jake took to right away. He likes grabbing those furry things and acting like he caught a real live mousie. Mom encourages by calling him a brave hunter, sheesh that kid will do anything for a little love. Those two lovely ladies gave my mom a citrus smelling bottle of oil that has reeds you stick into it. She saw one at my aunt Beth's spa and liked it's perfume. Now she has one just for herself. 

In other news, I'm being mistreated by my old geezer sister Kali. The old gal should know by now that mom's lap is mine. Yet she comes over while I'm already there and starts whapping me on the head very hard. Now I whap right back of course or now I've learned to turn the other cheek and let her go at my backside as I cringe away. I know mom will save me. That makes me look like the wonderful child in her eyes. And then when I'm alone with Kali, I let her have it. I've got to teach her to respect me. 

Yesterday Cookie sneaked out the front door. Mom was so frustrated that she told her to just take off already because she needed to carry in a box that the Fed Ex man had left by our door. Mom then turned around to see how far my roaming sister had gotten. Well, when mom didn't run after her, my frightened little sister came back and was right by mom's feet. Silly, silly girl!

Mom has some exciting news in her life. She has been wanting to change schools within her district for years now and it looks like next school year it's going to actually happen. The school she is moving to is a very good one. She is going to learn new skills and work closely with her teammates. So closely that she may not have to work as hard as she does now. She is very excited to make this change. 

Happy lazy Sunday on this long holiday weekend. Hopefully mom will get herself organized so that you can see my handsome face again sometime soon. 

Oh yes, and hugs to everyone. I think this is a sweet way to honor Bonnie.