Sunday, September 23, 2007

This is Cookie here. I asked Tyler if I could post this picture of me playing. Can you see the fishing line at the bottom of the picture? It's connected to a very tiny little mousie that I LOVE to capture. I want you all to know that I have a playful side to my personality. I'm not just a grump like some cats (Tyler, Jake, Sophie and/or Kali) might try to portray me as. I really am a loving poodin except when another cat tries to crowd into my territory.

We all hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the weekend. We hope to be able to come around to visit more often. Tyler's been pouting up a storm because mom hasn't been able to sit down and help him blog and visit all of his friends here.

Tyler: Cookie, I don't pout. I just whine a little. Mom used to help me blog every day. Now she comes home from work, gets out more work and hardly has time to pet me or my sibs.

Mom: Sorry kids. You guys are right. Work has been crazy busy. I'm afraid it's going to be that way for a little bit longer. I miss hleping you blog Tyler. I'll do my best to help you out as much as I can. Now lets go visit some blogs Tyler.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tied, Even

Mom here: Last night I came home to an extra loving Cookie. She was all lovey dovey and all over me. I held up the collar and allowed her to attack it.

This morning, after my 3 am trip to the restroom, I did slip the collar on Cookie's head without even a protest. It's as if we had both decided it wasn't worth the pain of yesterday's struggle. She is a good girl underneath her grumpy exterior.

I've never told anyone how I found her. She showed up at my school on a rainy day. During recess my next door neighbour teacher complained about a crying cat outside her window. I agreed to take her. It turned out to be Cookie, a three month old or so brown tabby. At lunch I ran out to the nearest 7 and 11 and bought her food and litter. Made her a makeshift litter box. She ate for 20 minutes straight then curled up into one of my students laps and fell asleep for the rest of the day. The poor thing hadn't eaten or rested in a long time.

Later on that day I heard that "she belonged to" a boy and his cousin. I asked for them to come speak to me. They did claim the girl as theirs. I wasn't going to give her up without a fight because of how hungry and sleepy she'd been. I called their parents and they said that the boys had been bringing her into the house, but whenever the mom or the aunt discovered her they would chase her out with a broom. So my little girl had a very rough start at life. When she awoke from her nap her first action towards me was to bite my fingers as I had waved them in front of her face. I knew she was going to be a character. She was named by my class after the main character in "Cookie's Week." I vowed never to let a class name a cat again because they leave me but the cat name stays. When Sophie showed up last Spring, I insisted on naming her. I can't remember what that group wanted to name her, Victoria I think. That's all for now. Lynn

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cookie 1, Mom 0

We had a difficult morning at our house. It all started at around 3 am when mom had to get out of bed to use the human litter box. Cookie sleeps on my mom's tummy and she had to be moved which always ticks Cookie off. When mom came back to bed, she had to move Cookie again because she had settled puts her feet when she sleeps. The kittens and I had all the other prime bed spots. So lets just say little Miss Cookie was angry. Later on that morning, Cookie was firmly reestablished at the foot of the bed on mom's side. Mom was already up and about when she ran across Cookie's collar on the bedroom floor. It was still closed tight. She shook it at my sister and kiddingly asked her what the meaning of that was. Cookie narrowed her eyes and said, "I don't wear collars anymore." Well mom grabbed my sister and wrapped her up in a towel burrito. Cookie started growling and even nipped her hand. I came out from the kitchen crying, "Whacha doin' Ma? Why's Cookie so upset? Can't you just let her go."Mom couldn't find the collar so she did let her go. Cookie ran to the living room and jumped on the back of the couch. Mom followed with the found collar. She asked Cookie if she could just please put it on her. You see, my sister used to be a runner. She would dart out the door. She doesn't have a microchip so mom wants her to wear her collar. Cookie just growled and wouldn't stop growling no matter what sweet talk she heard. Finally when mom went to sit down Cookie came and sat kinda near her. Mom was still sweet talking her and placed a whole mess of fish flakes in front of her as a peace offering.

Mom here: I'm at work ready to go home, wondering what the girl may have done as revenge. She does urinate on my dirty clothes basket or my bathroom rug when she's angry. I'm hoping she'll be asleep and I can slip this collar onto her without a fuss. If she protests at all I'm going to put it away until the weekend when we're both well be rested.

Hope you all have had a better morning than we have.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Thank you Miss Peach

Quite a while back the lovely Miss Peach honored me with the above award. I have been wanting to claim it, but you know who wouldn't let me online. Before I go this morning, I told Mommy to let me post it or else.

Isn't it a pretty award? I am very honored. Miss Peach is my role model when it comes to being nice. The fact that she honored me with this award, means a lot to me because she knows so much about being nice. Thank you Miss Peach! I'm sorry it took so long for me to acknowledge your honor.

I hope everyone has a very magnificent Monday! I'm going to go snuggle up for my morning nap while mommy runs around and gets ready for work.

Editor's note: I forgot to find kitties to give the award to! How unnice is that? I'd like to give it to KC for being so good to Dinah and her Mites. Also I'd like to give this award to Chairman Mao because he's always has a sweet word for other kitties everywhere every time.

Adan's Gift to Me!

This morning my mom let me visit the blogs of some of my friends who I haven't been able to visit in a while because mom has been hogging the computer for her work. Well, can you believe the surprise when I visited Adan and his mommy, Michico, I saw this beautiful watercolor painting of me and my kitty family? Isn't the most beautiful painting? Michico painted this of me and my siblings in celebration of his TENTH birthday. Happy birthday Adan. I tried to find the exact date of your birthday by going back and looking through past posts, but I couldn't find the date. I will have to look again when I have more time. My mom is telling me that it's time for her to take over the computer again. Darn!

Thank you Adan and Michico! I really love my painting.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tyler Fish Flakes Food's Aliases

Your movie star name: Temptations William

Your fashion designer name is Tyler London

Your socialite name is Smiler Chico

Your fly girl / guy name is T Foo

Your detective name is Cat Panther High

Your barfly name is Cheese Niptini

Your soap opera name is Fish Flakes The Woods Drive

Your rock star name is Chicken Nips Jake

Your Star Wars name is Tylsop Fooang

Your punk rock band name is The Content Whirly Bird

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Vishus, vishus deer alert

Cat's who are very fearful of big mean vishus deer, cover your eyes and don't read further. I found a disturbing picture on the Internet.

I'm not the deer expert, but I think this is what it looks like justs before the deer devowrs the tender, joocie, yung kittiecat. (I don't know what's happening to my spelling when I writ about the things, gud speling gos owt the windo.)

This is what some bad*ss cat, amped up on Mao and Rocky's Deer Repelant did to the vishus, vishus deer. I'm trying to find out this cat's name and e-mail address to see if she's available to hire as my personal body guard. Does anyone know this white cat or how she can be located. I'd be able to sleep better in the day if I knew she were patroling my neighborhood. I'm willing to give up my Temptations and stinky goodness allowance in exchange for protection. I'll give up my sisters' and brother's allowances also. If I'm protected, so are they and I think they need to chip in on paying the catguard.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Only My Nose Knows

A Mancat like myself doesn't just chow down each Temptation offered. I insist on sniffing each one out to verify that it is something I would want to eat. One never knows when my mother might try to slip something distasteful down my throat by disguising it as a Temptaion nugget. Knowing her she might try to sneak a brussels sprout into my mouth. So I insist on sniffing out each and every piece of food that goes into me, even if it looks like it might be something yummy. My mommy thinks that I should recognize a Temptation by now as something delicious. According to her all my sisters and brother gobble down their treats without giving the good ol' sniff test. I know for a fact that my sister, Kali, eats up her Cosequin capsules morning and night while it's disguised by just a little pill pocket. Serves her right for being so indiscriminate with what goes into her mouth.