Monday, May 26, 2008

Merrick's b. g.

We've been doing some taste testing of a new brand of cat food in order to help our mom out. She's always looking for a healthy food that we'll go crazy about too. Well, this is how it stand so far. The canned chicken is bluckty-bluck-yucky bad. The canned salmon flavored Jake ate about 2 tablespoons worth and the rest of us wouldn't take a bite. We still need to taste the quail, beef and tuna wet food. The dry crunchies we like better.  The tuna was the best, but we liked the other two chicken and salmon just fine. This brand is called b.g. (Before Grain) and it's made by Merrick which makes other healthy stinky goodness flavors, that the kittens sort of like, but I Tyler won't eat. Cookie and Kali don't like healthy stinky goodness at all. They both like Fancy Feast, but mom won't buy that for us. She only lets us have it if some one gives it to us as a gift. We're seriously deprived over here. We have yet to find a tasty healthy stinky goodness. It's very sad. We read about others enjoying their stinky goodness on a regular basis and we just don't understand why we too can't life the good life. We thought Mom loved us, now we have serious doubts. >>Sigh<<