Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Our first Swap 'n Tails package arrived! It came from sweet Miz Allie herself. This month's theme was red. Mom's sorry she didn't grab the camera. But as you can imagine, there were several red cat toys that Jake has already taken and hidden. The early cat gets the kibble around here. He stood over the package as Mom opened it. The lady of the house also received some gifts. A box of chocolates and a heart shaped foam picture frame that has a magnet on the back. Perfect for my picture. I look good in red.

We also received a package of goodies that mom ordered. There were some cat toys that were hand crocheted (spelling?). Many of the toys were infused with honeysuckle scent because the website claimed that the cats go wild for it. Unfortunately, there were catnip items in the same package, so everything came out smelling of nip. We did go wild over the packages Mom opened, but we think it was the nip  smell not the honeysuckle.  There was even a nip spray that Mom sprayed onto one of the crocheted balls and I spent the afternoon in nip heaven with that piece of yarn. 
We wish everykitty a wonderful Wednesday. Mom's headed out of town for the day. So much for a weeks worth of  "us" time. Oh well, she's going to try to make it back very early on Thursday.