Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cats for Sale

We have two cats who are on mom's Smiley Face list and two who are on the Sad Face list.  (The mom doesn't use this with her students, just with the cats.) The two tabbies are on mom's Sad/Angry I'm Going to Sell You to the Dogs list. 

On mom's return from grocery shopping the orange tabby monster cat rushed her and ran outside where he proceeded to run away from her outreached arms over and over again. And then when she finally caught the orange tabby boy and was taking him in the brown tabby girl ran out. Where the orange boy always remains loving and playful during these escapes the brown tabby girl growls at mom when she nears her and starts hissing when she's caught. The tabby girl is now apologetic and is trying to play kissy face to mom as she sits and types. She knows how to melt the woman's heart. The mom is trying to remain straight faced and angry just to make a point, but is losing the battle as the tabby girl licks away her at her face and arms. 

"Okay, you win! I love you Cookie! Even if you do anger me at times. Just please stay inside. Especially when I haven't eaten all day and I'm looking forward to scarfing my salad."

"Hmph, I told you Jake. All you have to do is act like you're sorry after you've pissed her off and she melts every time."

"Thanks Cookie! So when do we make our next run for the door?" asks the orange boy.
"As soon as possible but lets go out at the same time," instructed Cookie.
"Ok! I go right and go left," snickered Jake.