Monday, January 21, 2008

We're Looking for Love

All of us except Kali have contacted Queen Snickers (above) the moderator of the Love Cafe. We are in search of LOVE. Kali says that she's happy enough with her simple life of rest, eat and mommy time. If any of you are looking for a kittyfriend, you need to head over the Cafe and leave your info. Who knows maybe you and one of us will decide to spend some serious snuggle time together.
Lovingly yours,
Tyler, Cookie, Jake and Sophie

Good Bye Sweet Boy

Everyone at our house is very sad with the news that we lost a good friend yesterday. Ceasar crossed over the bridge during his sleep sometime during Saturday night. Although we are grateful that he was able to go peacefully in his sleep and we believe that the mancat is now young and healthy once again. Our hearts go out to his family and to Prinnie his beloved sister. We found the below picture and quote on his blog Ceasar and Princess' Happy Place We pray for Prinnie too who has to live out her remaining years without her dear sweet brother here with her.

"We are brother and sister and so close and loving to each other.
We treasure the love and care we have received from our family for over 16 years!!!
If one of us should leave and go to the bridge,
it will be a difficult thing for the one remaining.
We are almost always together, and when we are not, we do not stay apart for long."