Friday, July 11, 2008

Sophie's a New Girl

Sophie is finally relaxing into a loving little girl. She's turned out to be a little minx with quite a sense of humor. Mom has been wearing a lot of skirts to work lately because of the heat. When mom lies down for a nap, Sophie plays hide and seek under the skirt. The only problem is that sometimes she attacks the delicate parts of mom's legs with her claws. Yikes, mom can howl which makes Sophie that much more pleased.

When mom's in her recliner watching tv at night. Sophie lays back in the crook of mom's left arm with her belly exposed. She looks like a infant baby. If mom doesn't pay her any attention, she whaps her cheek with just a touch of claws showing. Mom will then play, "I'm going to kiss those paws." This was what my little sis wanted all along. Mom is just thrilled becuase for the longest time So has kept a bit of a distance. She has always loved to cuddle with me and a bit with Jake if he's quite enough. She still shies away from mom's open hand when she goes to pet her on the head. Someone hurt that little kitten when she was on the streets before we found her. But those times are over and our happily ever after is beginning to start.

Now if  mom can just get a cuddle out of Jake. He's very loving on his own terms of course. He comes up begging for scritches and then kisses mom's hand til it's red, but he doesn't cuddle. He almost always sleeps away from mom and the other kitties. Sometimes he'll cuddle with me and a bit with Sophie, but he's only slept next to mom one time. She's wondering if he'll ever change. It's probably the brat Cookie that's kept him away even when she's no where near. Because when she has been near mom she sometimes doesn't let the orange boy near. Mom should close her outside the door one night at an experiment. As long as I get to sleep on the bed that would be fine by me.