Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cookie Is a Crook!

Cookie stole our prize package from the cats who won it. Mom mistakenly took it out of the bag in which Siamese Rescue mailed it to us. She placed the penguin Millie bed and the purr pad on the big bean bed thinking it wouldn't be such a sin for us to test the bed out while she figured out how exactly she was going to get the thing back in the mail. Two minutes later Cookie crawled right in and stayed there for three days straight. I think she may have gotten out to eat, drink and use the litterroom, but we never saw her out of it. Now sometimes Cookie lets somekitty else lie in her bed.

Mom had to write to Artsy Catsy the winners of our contest and ask if they would be willing to pick another Millie bed from the Rescue Center. They were such gracious kitties they did pick out a new bed and we also sent them a new purr pad. Mom was relieved because she's a trusting soul, she didn't realize she was being duped by Cookie. Mom says she was grateful to be able to send the gift to the winners from the merchant and not have to figure out how to wrap the huge thing herself. Yep, she's lazy. Lazy to the core.

Mom left both of her cameras at work AGAIN! I wanted her to take a picture of Cookie in her stolen merchandise to prove my point. Maybe we'll post it tomorrow.

We hope everyone is having a restful Sunday, if you have any Sunday left by the time you read this.

I think I might just go see if that penguin Millie bed is open. We have three Millies now, but there is something special about the Penguin one.