Saturday, January 19, 2008


Jake: Oh, I am just so mad at my mom. Yesterday she came home with two big bags from our favorite but seldom used pet store. She went on and on about how she bought us new foods and how good they were for us and how tasty they were. Lies, lies, lies. She's a big fat liar. As soon as the big hand hit the twelve and the little hand was on the five I started hollering for MY stinky goodness. Hollering is very important. I'm the only one who knows how to do it and I do it well. She comes in and excitedly opens up a can of the new stuff. I'm thinking, "Good Mom, good girl. C'mon move just a little bit faster. OK, put it down, put it down. Me firs,t me first." And then I stuck my muzzle in it and take a big chomping bite...BLUCK, BLUCK, BLUCKITY, BLUCK. I ran out of the kitchen with my tail between my legs. I think she was trying to poison me. So I give her 30 mins. or so to see that I wasn't going to eat the crap and then I started hollering again. "Where's my Max Cat Gourmet Classics Salmon and Whitefish Entree, please"? But then Mom did something unexpected, gone was the 'OK honey I know that your hungry.' And in it's place was, "Get your butt in here and eat this food. I paid a fortune for it." And it was the same exchange between us for hours. With her adding tidbits like, "I bought a case of it," and "I bought the 13 oz size." Now I ask you kitty friends. Is any of this my problem? SHE bought the wrong food and won't admit her mistake. And that kissface Sophie didn't help by eating a few bites. So kittyfriends can you help argue my case. Tell my mom that she needs to feed me the RIGHT stinky goodness RIGHT NOW!

Mom here: The new food is Innova's EVO chicken and turkey canned food. I feed them all a can last month as a taste test and they gobbled it down. But since then I bought some of the Max Cat canned food on sale and I think they're taste buds were spoiled. I'm going to give it another try after a few days without any wet food. They are eating the crunchy Innova EVO without a problem, thank goodness.

Thank you, Thank you!

Wowie do I have good news to share. I was nominated twice for the Thinking Blogger Award. Thank you Adan and thank you 3 Boys and a Lady. Here are the rules:1. You must write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.2. Acknowledge this post.3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.4. Go tell your humans to fork over the treats!

Mom you better get the fish flakes out!
I'm going to look and see if I can find five friends who haven't recieved the award yet.