Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jake: Mom?
Mom: Yes, Jake?
Jake: I love Tyler, lots.
Mom: I can tell, Sweetheart.
Jake: And Mom?
Mom: Mm, hm?
Jake: I love you too.
Mom: Ahhhhhh, such a sweetie.
Jake: NOW, can I have those Temptations?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tyler in the Morning

Hi Friends,
Finally mom fixed the camera. She decides to wake me up at 3:30 am for the photo shoot. She's been sleeping through the whole weekend because she's sick with a wickedly sore throat. So now she's awake and raring to go. This is my best black panther "Good Morning" look so early in the am, folks. I hope your Sunday is as lazy as can be.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jake: The strangest thing happened this morning. I was lying in the Millie bed closest to mom when my crabby sister who hates me came by. I ignored her by looking the other way. The next thing I know the girl is curled up laying beside and atop of me. You should have seen Mom's mouth drop. I cried out, "What the heck!" and then I shot out of there as quick as my legs could get me out of there. I couldn't wait for her to turn around and start spitting in my face. As soon as I moved, she did start growling and complaining. Typical Cookie.

Mom: I saw the whole thing unfold, Jake. You're right I was shocked. That dear crabby growler of mine never has a kind word for you and the next thing you know she wants to cuddle. She must have been extremely cold. But if the two of you were to come to some sort of agreement, I would be the happiest cat mom around.

Cookie: Listen Mom, I wanted the bed. I didn't want to be friendly. I knew that if I just pretended he was invisible he would become so.. It's that simple. So don't think I'm going to start liking that orange annoyance. It won't happen, ever.