Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tyler Tattles on a Tuesday

Tyler here for the big fat tattle on my mom. She disappeared again for a whole day and NIGHT again last weekend. When she came back, she had that aroma of strange cat on her. Each of us took turns investigating the smells on her arms particularly. She had been unfaithful. She even had strange tuxie hairs on her PJs. Now I know I've got a lot of siblings and they come in all colors and hues. What I don't have is a tux brother OR sister. Mom wouldn't talk, so today I broke into her iphoto and who did my little eyes spy but two tuxedo cats staring me down. Here's what I found:

Having found the evidence, Mom claims she, get this, "forgot to tell us" that she would be sleeping with our cousins. Well, she's in trouble now. I'm thinking up the proper consequence. Mom's a teacher and talks about consequences having to be natural and not punitive.  I don't know about that. I think the punitive ones are better. Or at least having her worried about the various punishments I may come up with is better. Of course I'm open to suggestions.Or perhaps you may refer me to a published list of acceptable punishments for the beans various crimes.  Especially, if they've worked with your person or people. Gotta run, take care. Thanks for any ideas you may have.