Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Secret Paw Pics

Mom, this box smells so good! Are you sure Tara isn't in there somewhere?

Jake: "Look Ty, you got a cool toy over here."
"Wow, all this is for me?" pondered Tyler.
"And me?" asked Jake.
"Sure Jake, but you have to ask me before he get into the Temptations. I know you, and you could gobble down a whole bag all by yourself."

"Tyler, don't forget about us! We wanna play too!" "Okay Sisters, you can play. Just remember me when your Secret Paws arrive, ok?" "Sure, we'll share, right Sophie?" winked Cookie. "Oh, I'll share. I always share," said Sophie.

"IT"S MY TURN! LOOK EVERYCAT! And I'm not nice like Tyler, I'm NOT sharing anything. It's mine all mine."declared Jake.
"JAKE!" warned Mom.
"Ok, Mom, I'll share. You can have the snowflake ornament."
"Jake..." continued Mom.
"Oh, all right, you guys can play with my toys and my nip. Is that better, Mom?"
"Yes, My Sweet Orange-Haired Pumkin, you need to share."

"Look at this ball."

"Fev-vers! Thank you Katnippia Girls!"

My Secret Paws Arrived!

Jake here: My Paws came yesterday in the mail! It came all the way from FLORIDA! Can you believe that?!? I got it from some really cool cats at Katnippia. There are SEVEN of them that all live together with two woofies too. Can you believe it? I would just LOVE to have all those family members to pounce on. Wait til mommy finds her picture cable thingy. (I think might have played with it and left There were a squillion small blue toys. Cuz that's my favorite color. And there was a blue baby blanket which Sophie slept on last night. There was catnip and Temptations!!!! Mommy won't let me open mine, until we finish Tyler's bag from Princess Tara. There was even a present for my mommy! She loves the pretty snowflake ornament. It's very unique and beautiful. Thank you SO Much! Okay, I've got to go help mom find that cable so we can share pics of both of our Secret Paws.

We Have a Winner!!

Debra, from Manx Mnews won the Tuxie slippers. After we went and saw Boo and Abby, well we're happy to send them another pair of Tuxedo friends. And although these might compete for their mom's feet, hopefully they'll leave the food bowls for the other cats.

Thank you to everyone who participated. It warms my mommie's heart meeting so many new kitties whose families are so very warm and generous. We are honored to be a part of the blog. Besides it's just so much fun!

Congratulations Debra. Mom will try to get those to you very quickly.